February 5, 2012

Marathon Relay

Run for Life is pleased to offer schools the opportunity to stage a fun and engaging event in your back yard.

The Marathon Relay is a continuous 42.2km run held on a 200m track at your school. Teams in the relay are made up of 10 participants and each team member is responsible for running 21 of the 211 laps of the relay. Can your team break three hours or qualify for Boston? Schools may wish to create some fun battles… perhaps a classroom challenge, teachers vs. the students race, or invite other schools to join you as you chase a common goal.

We provide directions to measure your own 200m running track or ‘field of dreams’ (this activity makes for an interesting hands-on geometry project)

Host a Marathon Relay and Run for Life will provide you with completion certificates as well as funding that can be applied towards bus transportation for a running event in your region.