Marathon Training

NOTE: This program is designed for someone who is already running 2-3 times a week. The 10 Km Program or the Half Marathon Program are the perfect start up for this program.

Day Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Week 1 4-6KM I
R 7-9KM 5-7KM 12-14KM Rest
Week 2 4-6KM N 7-10KM 5-7KM 13-15KM Rest
Week 3 4-6KM T
E 7-10KM 5-7KM 14-16KM Rest
Week 4 4-6KM E
7-10KM 5-7KM 14-17KM Rest/3KM
Week 5 4-6KM R
S 7-10KM 5-7KM 16-19KM Rest/3KM
Week 6 5-7KM V
7-10KM 5-7KM 20-23KM Rest/3KM
Week 7 5-7KM A
T 8-10KM 5-7KM 22-25KM Rest/3KM
Week 8 5-7KM L
10-13KM Rest/3KM 24-27KM Rest
Week 9 5-7KM
10-13KM Rest/3KM 26-28KM Rest
Week 10 5-8KM T
D 9-13KM Rest/3KM 30-33KM Rest
Week 11 5-8KM R
12-15KM Rest/3KM 28-31KM Rest
Week 12 5-8KM A
A 9-13KM Rest 32-36KM Rest
Week 13 5-7KM I
8-12KM Rest 27-29KM Rest
Week 14 5-7KM N
Y 7-10KM Rest/3KM 18-24KM Rest
Week 15 4-6KM I
6-8KM Rest/5KM 8-10KM Rest
Week 16 5KM N
5KM Rest Rest/2KM RACE Rest
Week 16 +1 Rest/3KM G
Rest/3KM 3-7KM Rest 5-7KM Rest/3KM
Week 16 +2 4-6KM Rest 7KM 5-7KM 6-8KM Rest

Note: Schedules are a guideline.

Monday – Casual Run to stay loose

Tuesday – Interval Training to add speed to your distance.

Wednesday – Rest day

Thursday – Sustained tempo run

Friday – Casual Run to stay loose. Later in your schedule, you will need to rest in preparation for Saturday’s long run run.

Saturday – Long Run increasing over time. You will need to reduce the length of your long runs in the weeks leading up to the race to make sure your muscles have recovered by race day.  This is called “tapering.”

Sunday – Rest day or optional short run to stay loose (under 3km!)

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